Abbey Lincoln, “Who Will Revere the Black Woman?” 1966.

“ The general white community has told us in a million different ways and in no uncertain terms that “God” and “nature” made a mistake when it came to fashioning us and ours…”

Throughout history the black woman has been degraded by every other other social group in society, and there are constantly new excuses created to justify why they are of less importance than everyone else.  Evident from the progression of history with the 19th century claiming biological and innate differences between the races, to the 20th century where it was focused on social opportunities and life experiences to the 21st century where race is a social construct but it is still used as a justification for belittlement and disrespect.    


5 thoughts on “Abbey Lincoln, “Who Will Revere the Black Woman?” 1966.

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  2. Just list the source. Plus, how does this feeling of hopelessness that African American’s might feel relate to your previous posts? I do like how you noted the changes of rationale for oppression from each era, maybe you can expand on that.


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