An Appeal to the Women of the Nominally Free States, By Angelina Grimke 1836

“That in consequence of the odium which the degradation of slavery has attached to color even in the free states, our colored sisters are dreadfully oppressed here”

Angelina Grimké was a white abolitionist who also advocated for equal rights of women.  In this appeal she calls out the implications slavery has on even the free northern states and the oppression free black women face everyday.  While there are strides being made in both the progression of women and racial rights the system is still very much rooted in the system of slavery and how even thousands of miles away the black women still face the persecution of her skin color.

“An Appeal to the Women of the Nominally Free States, By Angelina Grimke.” In Root of Bitterness: Documents of the Social History of American Women, 246-51. 2nd ed. Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1996.


4 thoughts on “An Appeal to the Women of the Nominally Free States, By Angelina Grimke 1836

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  2. i like seeing this piece as it relates again to your previous two posts about slavery and the connection between slave women and white slave mistresses. You could also connect it back to your other post about Louisiana and the economic reasons for oppression. Why might those in the South not advocate so strongly for abolishing slavery and it relates to their economy?


  3. In expanding this, think about how we’ve talked about “degradation” of labor in both of the classes we have together. White men didn’t want to have to work alongside non-white men and all women because they saw it as degrading the value of their own labor; how might the ideas about black women’s bodies – and their utility/purpose in society – color the way white women in non-slave states thought about being categorized with them?


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