Angelina Grimké to Theodore Weld, August 12, 1837

“I cannot help felling some regret that this shld have come up before the Anti Slavery question was settled, so fearful am I that it may injure that blessed cause”

In a different reading from Grimké, she is speaking to her future husband about the remorse she feels for having her thoughts on woman’s rights  heard before the anti slavery rights are addressed.  She is writing this in 1837 which is the year that the anti slavery movement splits from the woman’s rights movement.  This shows the progression of the racial and gender dynamic going on in the country before women of color were not even thought of as people by European and white people, but now they have realized that oppression in any form will cause an unjust and broken system, and so they worked together to advance one another’s causes and feel remorse when one gets recognition but not the other because they both are fighting for the same goal, which is equality. 


5 thoughts on “Angelina Grimké to Theodore Weld, August 12, 1837

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  2. Could you relate this to a previous post, it would help solidify this piece. Also, if you draw more connections to your theme and how it has changed over time it would help too. Don’t forget to put your sources.


  3. Agree with Clarissa try and relate it to previous posts and list the source. Also, make it clearer for the reader the audience of the piece. Was this a private letter to her husband? Or was this quote also meant to be read from those in the public?


    • I see that you mentioned the letter was to Theodore Weld actually, in the title of the post. Was this her husband? And what was his opinion on the matter, if mentioned?


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