The Race problem- An Autobiography 1904

“It does not matter how good or wise my children may be, they are colored.  When I have said that, all is said.  Everything is forgiven in the South but color”

An anonymously published piece in 1904 by a Southern black women, she expresses her grievances that her children will face regardless of their gender, but of the color of their skin.  White woman have fought for their rights but in doing so they have left behind a whole other community that faces oppression and persecution from a biological difference.  At this time white woman are making great strides on the way to equality, but in the South there needs to be an inferior and superior, so now the brunt on that falls on the black woman. 

“The Race problem- An Autobiography” In Root of Bitterness: Documents of the Social History of American Women, 286-290. 2nd ed. Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1996.


3 thoughts on “The Race problem- An Autobiography 1904

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  2. Another interesting piece from outside of class, nice work. Maybe just expand on how this connects to some of your previous posts. Is there a lack of change in the South in relation to their position on slavery? Do all of Americans feel like African Americans are second tier at this time, or is there change in the North as related to the Southern states?


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