Abbey Lincoln, “Who Will Revere the Black Woman?” 1966.

“We are the women whose strong and beautiful Black bodies were— and are— still being used as a cheap labor force for miss Anne’s kitchen and Mr. Charle’s bed, whose rich, black and warm milk nurtured— and still nurtures— the heir to the racist and evil slavemasters” (1)

The black women throughout the entirety of history are being used and abused by everyone regardless of if the other women have faced the same burdens because of her gender.  She is constantly been seen as a source of production and reproduction like in “An Act Defining the Status of Mulatto Bastards”.  Even in the 1960s the black women is waiting on the needs of the white woman and the white man and her struggle is nowhere near over in comparison to the success of the white woman’s attempt to gain rights.  At this time for white women “the radicalism of the women’s liberation movement became the engine for change in women’s organizations and consciousness” (2).  But when they say “women” they mean “white women”, while women of color are being discriminated against still.  

1.  Abbey Lincoln, “Who Will Revere the Black Woman?” 1966.

2.  Berkin, Carol , ed. “Women in Twentieth- Century America.” Clio in the Classroom. Ed. Margaret Crocco and Barbara Winslow. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 68. Print.


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