“Women’s liberation has a different meaning for blacks,” 3 October 1970

“Do black women and white women have the same social, economic and political priorities and problems and how do they affect the status of the women’s liberation movement in the minds of black women?”

This quote comes from a piece questioning on whether women’s liberation means the same thing to both the black and white woman.  They do not.  Through the intersectionality of oppression women of different races and class have been given different ranks in the social order in America.  Because of the intense abuse and discrimination directed towards black women by white and black males, and white females they are on completely different paths to what they deem “equality”.  “At a time when some radical white feminists are striving for a different family structure, many black women are trying to stabilize their families” (1) The woman who also are oppressed by their race and class have been placed several steps behind the white woman on the road to equal rights because of the oppression they have faced from every avenue of their lives, so when someone speaks of women’s rights like how “the radicalism of women’s liberation movement became the engine for change in women’s organization and consciousness” (2), it must be noted that that is speaking about the white women’s liberations, and minority women are operating in a completely different movement because they face completely different challenges.

1. Renee Ferguson, excerpts from “Women’s liberation has a different meaning for blacks,” 3 October 1970, Washington Post

2. Berkin, Carol , ed. “Women in Twentieth- Century America.” Clio in the Classroom. Ed. Margaret Crocco and Barbara Winslow. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 68. Print.


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